Ordinary Virtue of the Week: Joy

“May we not be strangers in the lush province of joy.”

Charles Wright, Flannery’s Angel

For a long time, contentment was good enough. But a few years ago, finally, it wasn’t. I needed joy.

Pursuit of joy is a deliberate decision, a choice. It’s knowing, then being watchful for things that bring joy. Joy needs tending.

A source of joy for me is serendipity, delight at something unexpected – whether it’s a rock on the beach, or elephants on a Manhattan street. Or a photo of Christopher Walken on a barbershop door.

The stones photo below is by permission of Kim Sheridan, whose blog, thewildedge.net, is a recently-discovered bit of serendipity. Her nature photos are lovely. I recommend it.

The elephant photo is one of those random internet things found while looking for something else. Another source of unexpected delight.

Here's wishing you real joy this holiday season.

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